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How much do customs cost?
The prices are listed with the customs offered. Other than what is listed on this site, the price of customs range in regards to the amount of detail necessary. The longer the shoe takes, or the amount of materials necessary directly effect the cost.

What types of designs can you do?
I can do most any design you would like completed. Just run it by me prior to your order and I will let you know. Email me at backfistcustoms@gmail.com

How do I order?
You can order directly through the website if the design you want is currently posted. If it is not, please email backfistcustoms@gmail.com and I will invoice you directly through Paypal.

How Long will Customs take?
All orders take 3 - 4 weeks to be completed. The more orders we get the more time customs may take. Please reference the terms and conditions if needed.

Do I need to send in my own pair of shoes?
You don’t have to. I can purchase the base shoe for you as necessary and this will speed up the time for your custom to get completed. Cost of the base shoes is added to your custom fee. If you want to send in your own shoe please notify me ahead of time for shipping instructions.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, however shipping costs are expensive for non-domestic orders. As long as the customer pays for shipping, I will ship anywhere.